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Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars 6 and 12 strings, mandolin, harmonica, ukelele & percussions.

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Josemari Santamaria

Lead and backing vocals, banjo, dobro, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & mandolin.

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Backing vocals, drums, tambourine & other percussions.

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Carlos Saiz

Piano, organ, pedal steel, percussions, special effects, electric piano & other keyboards.

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Carlos Zumieta

Lead and backing vocals, bass & electric guitar.

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German Ors

Electric guitar, slide & acoustic guitar.

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Marius Martinus


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Country Ghost

The soul of the country.


COUNTRYBASQUE is not a typical band.
It's not even a band as such.

It is a sui generis musical project born from the need to recoup a loss from a few years ago and that, at any precise moment, and almost without knowing how, it appears and lets out musical essences, gagged and kidnapped, perhaps voluntarily, and that aims to create a timeless humble work but proud at the same time. A craft and decent work, without concessions to fads. It has as badge a taste for the good vocal harmonies, surrounded by many diverse instruments and sounds.

COUNTRYBASQUE grows a musical style not easy to label, except a few nods to the classics, that every individual must discover and identify.

It is a sort of a wide-ranging updated country-rock. Thus, the debut album, called "Made in Basque Country" is composed of 13 tracks, most of them own and created for the occasion, with very little fast lighting with very few pauses while that album was brewing. In some of these issues it has also received contributions from different Basque voices that enrich and give if possible even more variety to the final product.

COUNTRYBASQUE, in this "Made in Basque Country",

has also been driven by a rare goal in the musical productions of “signature style”: all the songs were very different from each other but in turn have a common identifier label. The public will judge whether we succeeded.

We thanks wholeheartedly, our to-face and virtual supporters, for being there and listening to our music, and among them, our families, to whom we rob them part of their time to make this possible small dream.