Sleeping Not To Think

(for Maitane)

X. Salinazarmendaritz

She woke and picked up all things in life.
New friends and summer loves,
better waste no time.

She always opened her big eyes.
There was so much to see.
Uh, uh, uh...
Sleeping not to think.

She wanted to run faster than the others why
she didn’t want to lose any train going in life.
She always rescuing friends in need.
One night said to me... (better)...
uh, uh, uh... Sleeping not to think (yeah!).
Sleeping not to think.

Quiet sleep, my love,
that I’ll always watch your dream
and your nightmares I’ll send away.
Rest, take sleeping and not to think.

Dreams, birds in head, new places, songs, smiling faces.
All turning over in her pretty little head.
Relax, the sheets will make the rest.
What happened is not real...
uh, uh, uh...

Sleeping not to think.
Sleeping not to think (yeah!).
Sleeping not to think... (oh yeah!).
Sleeping not to think.

Song Details

Xabi Salinazarmendaritz:
Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars 6 and 12 strings & mandolin
Josemari Santamaria “Murru”:
Backing vocals & dobro
David Salinazarmendaritz:
Backing vocals, drums & percussion

Carlos Zumieta:
Backing vocals & bass
Carlos Saiz:
Piano & other keyboards
German Ors:
Electric guitar

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